ANNOUNCEMENT: Full Event Schedule


    Leave a Nest is excited to announce the Full Event Schedule for SCIENCE CASTLE in SINGAPORE 2018!

    See below for more!

    2nd November 2018 [Conference]

    Time Activity
    08:45hrs – 09:30hrs Registration
    09:30hrs – 09:50hrs Opening Ceremony
    09:50hrs – 10:10hrs Ice Breakers
    10:10hrs – 11:10hrs Oral Presentation (Round 1)
    11:10hrs – 12:20hrs Poster Presentation (Round 1)
    12:20hrs – 13:20hrs Networking Lunch
    13:20hrs – 14:20hrs Oral Presentation (Round 2)
    14:30hrs – 15:40hrs Poster Presentation (Round 2)
    15:40hrs – 16:40hrs Oral Presentation (Round 3)
    16:40hrs – 17:30hrs Judge Deliberation Time/Ice breakers (Concurrent)
    17:30hrs – 18:00hrs Award & Closing Ceremony


    3rd November 2018 [Workshop]

    Time Activity
    09:30hrs – 10:00hrs Registration
    10:15hrs – 12:00hrs Workshop
    12:00hrs – 13:00hrs Lunch
    13:00hrs – 14:00hrs Presentation


    For inquiries, please contact:
    Maki, [email protected] or
    Elizabeth, [email protected]
    contact number: +65 8338 7685




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