SCIENCE CASTLE is an international conference for youth researchers and budding entrepreneurs. It is a platform for Junior and Senior High School “young researchers” to share their research and development projects with a focus on Science, Technology, and Engineering to solve social challenges faced in Asia and/or the world in their mission to advance science and technology for global happiness.

Originated in Osaka in 2012 as an academic society for middle and high school students who challenge research and development.

Today, it has grown to become one of Japan's largest academic societies supported by academic societies of private enterprises, universities, and researchers.
In addition, efforts to accelerate daily studies of middle and high school students, such as research expenses, counseling desks, castle seminars, etc., have begun in Japan.
Science Castle has become a place and gateway where many junior and senior high school boys and girls will be nurtured towards becoming aspiring researchers who will be responsible for the future.

This project is managed as part of “Education Support Project” efforts. We are looking for universities and companies that can be partners



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Next conference : join ASEAN online conference, 4-5 Nov. 2020
Application deadline : 18th Sept. 2020


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Next conference : 4th-5th Nov 2020
Application deadline: 18 Sept. 2020


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